Countdown to dictatorship

I wish I didn’t care, but I do. It’s not pleasant to be awake but unable to move a limb to help.

The Slog


I’ve bitten countless times on the sour slice that has been the Twenty-first century so far, but I cannot remember a more bitter weekend for freedom than this one. In the Western anglosphere, two words have split the US and UK almost literally down the middle in recent years – Trump and Brexit.

They are issues – big, political issues – but primarily, they are symptoms of a fight at a cultural rather than partisan level. For the real dividing line has become the ruthless attempt by an influential and cynical alliance between politically correct faux-liberal collectivists and unelected neocon hegemonists to impose thought-control and anti-empiricism on the rest of us.

It is also been a battle between common-good pragmatic reality and Common Purpose Utopian ideologues. Between multi-cultural division and shared-values nationality. Between blocist Big and mutually manageable community. Between cold-blooded top down systemics and convivial rub-along…

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