Eleven years ago, who were you?

John Ward has crystal balls!

The Slog

The picture [left] shows me as I was a week ago. The article below was posted here on April 10th 2010. I have changed nothing in it. There's an asterisked (*) point with which I would now disagree with myself: the comment reflects my ignorance at the time of how and why "Climate Change" was based on modelled rubbish rather than empirical reality. Let's get real here - we all move on and grow. The post isn't about 'what a clever boy was he'. Rather, it is an answer to all the Smuggies who will tell you one day soon, "It was impossible to see what was coming".

It cannot be common sense….

To give the security services a carte blanche £12 billion to eavesdrop on all our personal electronic communications, when the problem lies with a minute and easily identifiable minority

Ditto for airport security


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