Some observations on the infection fatality rate of COVID19

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

10th February 2022

Some observations on the infection fatality rate of COVID19
[Mainly that it does not really exist]

When COVID struck the world two years ago, or thereabouts, the first thing that happened was rather unfortunate. Namely, the instant and widespread distortion, nay destruction, of data. This happened so fast that it became almost impossible to know what on earth was going on. Who to believe … what to believe?

I have never been so naïve as to think that we are not constantly subjected to certain ‘truths’, which may or may not be true. After all, I have been battling against the dreaded ‘cholesterol hypothesis’ for decades. In doing so I have become something of an expert in recognising seriously distorted data when I see it.

I have learned to search for things not said, which are usually far more important than the things that are. I have…

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Don’t just do something, stand there!

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

14th January 2022

A few months ago, I resolved not to write anything more about COVID19. I was having zero apparent effect on anything, or anybody, and I was just getting increasingly despondent at the destruction of science, debate, logic, humanity, personal freedoms … life.

However, my New Years resolution was to not have any more resolutions. Which lead to an almost inescapable logic loop from which I have only just managed to extricate myself.

In truth, I believe that I still have a few things left to say about COVID19 that may be useful in stopping some of the most egregious nonsense being repeated. [Fat chance, says the little man on my shoulder].

What I am about to write, I have written about before, in various different guises. However, I think it is worth going back over some old ground again. Hopefully in a more effective manner.

In this…

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Our Relationship is Suffering


Open Letter

November 24th2021

Dear Premier Tim Houston and Dr. Strang,

Does Public Health consider abusive relationships to be a matter of importance? In my opinion they do not. Please see the attached image titled You May Be In An Abusive Relationship If They…

In several ways it is obvious that the people of Nova Scotia are in an abusive relationship with Public Health and the government. Of course bringing it to the attention of the perpetrator is unlikely to make a difference. The perpetrator from my experience will not even reply to a letter. So therefor this letter will just be on the record, and as an open letter I hope that people will be able to look at the actions of the government and public health with more clarity. Hopefully as all of us realize that we are in a bad relationship with our government we…

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All Hail Covid

Made me laugh and cry…

The Covid Physician

He’s not Covid, he’s just a cold.” The Life of Brian.

26th November 2021

What has been witnessed in the last two years is not medical science. It is the death of reason and the birth of a religious cult. The Church of Covid fathered illegitimately by the financial elite and delivered from the womb of governments. Its Holy Trinity, the Pfizer, the Moderna, and the Aztec-Zeneca. Baptism is by experimental vaccination. Its priesthood (SAGE), itself controlled by the papal WHO. Pope WHO mediates between the people and the Viral Gods mostly through belief systems of fear and disgust. The cult even possesses strange triplet mantras, ritual ablutions and symbolic headgear. Fit, healthy children are being sacrificed at its altars. Those who willingly joined are too scared to leave, many were coerced, a minority resist hoping for a saviour and a promised land. It is more effective and…

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The Big Resistance Goal: a reversal of inhuman systemic trends

‘This is not a hare-brained attempt to put science back in the bottle: it’s a recipe for humane science with goals that go way beyond profit’

The Slog

We have reached a point where radical risk represents responsibility. Several formative developments over the last forty-three years have promoted a belief in the invincibility of twisted corporate science. The choice we face is perverted robots versus human brains. The Resistance must be about more than virus scams and irresponsible medicine.

The Thatcher-Reagan years (roughly 1979 until 1990) were pivotal in predicting a future that is finally starting to look unstoppable as the first quarter of the 21st century comes to a close. They were so because during that period, for probably the first time in media-mature history, these two figures promised, respectively, to cut government down to size, and stop incontinent State spending in order to “balance the books”…and yet both wound up delivering the diametric opposite of the goal: when Thatcher left office, Whitehall was bigger, more secretive and more corporately connected than when she arrived; while Reagan…

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