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On the money, as usual.

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There are lies, damned lies, Brexit lies, unemployment lies, inflation lies, Biden lies, Boris lies – and fact checkers. Day in, day out, everyone’s at it – so IABATO remains The Slog’s rallying cry: It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official. “Top” People used to cross their fingers in hope. Today, they cross every red line of decency in the pursuit of totalitarian power.

I really don’t know why anyone is remotely surprised that Frau von der Leyen of the European Bunion has been caught heading up a Brussels spoiling operation to bribe finance houses to quit the City of London. It’s merely the shellfish episode on a bigger scale. This week, sources in Paris revealed to me that the reason French expats like me can no longer have UK driving licences converted to French ones is that the Minister concerned hasn’t signed the ratification required for the process…

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How deadly is COVID19?

‘Yes, I went back to basics and the figures still didn’t make any sense.’ I am no good at figures but it makes sense if this is not all about a virus.

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

17th February 2021

I have spent large chunks of my life trying to untangle medial data and research. COVID19 has long since defeated me. I have been unable to make any sense of the information we are bombarded with daily. So, I decided to go back to basics.

At the start of the COVID19 saga, I was interested to know what the infection fatality rate (IFR) was likely to be. I felt I could then have a go at comparing it to other diseases, primarily influenza.

The infection fatality is the number of people infected with the virus who then die. This is very different to the case fatality rate (CFR), which is the number of people infected with the disease who become unwell enough (sometimes, but not always) to be admitted to hospital – the ‘cases’. Who then die.

Before COVID19 appeared, there used to be a reasonably clear…

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Eleven years ago, who were you?

John Ward has crystal balls!

The Slog

The picture [left] shows me as I was a week ago. The article below was posted here on April 10th 2010. I have changed nothing in it. There's an asterisked (*) point with which I would now disagree with myself: the comment reflects my ignorance at the time of how and why "Climate Change" was based on modelled rubbish rather than empirical reality. Let's get real here - we all move on and grow. The post isn't about 'what a clever boy was he'. Rather, it is an answer to all the Smuggies who will tell you one day soon, "It was impossible to see what was coming".

It cannot be common sense….

To give the security services a carte blanche £12 billion to eavesdrop on all our personal electronic communications, when the problem lies with a minute and easily identifiable minority

Ditto for airport security


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